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  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2016-04-29)

    • LDAP import errors shown in the UI are now also logged in the Dashboard.log file.
    • Fixed issues displaying example data in Alert Evidence table when creating alerts.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2016-04-21)

    • Added auto-detection of syslog traffic on UDP 514. When adding a source, any server sending UDP 514 traffic is available in a drop down list.
    • Source IPs are now resolved to hostnames on import.
    • Added New Field for "Source Host" to use in Report filters and Alerts.
    • New API: System.FlushCaches() - Flushes resolved IP out of all registered caches.
    • If an authenticated username is logged, Fastvue Reporter will display their AD display name in reports. Otherwise it will display the resolved IP, or the original IP if it cannot be resolved.
  • Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance (2016-04-14)

    • Test email function now correctly uses the 'From' address as specified in your Email Settings.
    • Fixed column width issue in Activity Reports.
    • LDAP import should no longer cause "Failed to log entry" errors when the directory entity being searched has a GUID in its FQDN.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2016-03-21)

    • Blank reports no longer produce an "index out of range" exception. If no records matched the specified report filter, or no records were read, a message is displayed in the report viewer indicating that the report is blank and provides a link to our support article on blank reports.
    • The width of columns in Activity Reports are calculated more intelligently to avoid squishing or hiding useful information.
    • Date picker is no longer obscured by the 'Activity over time' chart when a report is open.
    • When a report fails, the option to 'email the report when complete' is no longer shown.
    • Fixed the support portal link displayed in Settings | About.
    • Fixed display issues in the Alert editor.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2016-02-18)

    • Datepicker validation tips no longer cover the datepicker.
    • Added picklists for Site and Referrer Countries, Site and Referrer Protocols and Mime Types
    • Fields built from URLs such as Site Domain, Site Query etc now display tips on what values to enter.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2016-01-28)

    • Unhandled TAR/GZIP errors during import will now be reported as a source notification only once and cleared if the error is corrected.
    • Report and Alert Emails are now full width.
    • Added success/failure message when deleting LDAP Sources.
    • Fixed "Sequence contains no elements" error when registering.
    • Updated web links.
    • The user count in Settings | Licensing | User Statistics now excludes machine accounts and combines User Login Names (domain\username) and User Principal Names (username@domain) into one user.
    • Installers now add a Windows Firewall exception for the Fastvue Reporter service on install.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2016-01-12)

    Updated copyright year to 2016.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2015-12-16)

    Added user/device statistics to Settings | Licensing
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2015-11-13)

    • LDAP attributes used for user details and group details, along with the queries to use when searching are now configurable in the settings.xml file per LdapSource.
    • LDAP importer will now only try to automatically prefix the domain name if the username does not already contain a domain name, and does not contain '@' or '=' or starts with '.'.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2015-11-12)

    Fixed a time range configuration bug with some widgets.

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