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  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2018-03-19)

    • Fixed "Error in Report Processor Process Thread: Invalid Unicode code point found at index 1. Parameter name: unicode" that may occur when running reports.
    • Sources page no longer displays 9999/1969 when no data has been received and instead shows "Waiting for data" for 20 seconds after adding a source. After 20 seconds, a message and link to the troubleshooting KB article is displayed.
    • Adjusted the data storage auto-recovery logic to avoid issues when threads are aborted.
    • Updated all UI error handlers to display the error message given by the backend API.
    • Double-quotes in error messages no longer cause Javascript errors.
    • The number of detected syslog gaps in each source is now limited to 1,440 entries or an age of 7 days (whichever comes first) to avoid performance issues during service start. Both values are customisable with the hidden settings`HistoricalGapsCutoffDays` and `HistoricalGapsMaxCount`. These settings can be changed in the Settings.xml file while the service is not running.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2018-02-07)

    • Sent and Received Bytes we're being imported in the wrong order. This has now been corrected. Total size was always correct.  
    • Settings | Licensing | User Statistics no longer double-counts users with when they're logged as both 'username' and 'domain\username'
    • Updated 'Self Harm Searches' Alert Keywords
    • Improved Fastvue Reporter's DNS resolution for when a Username or Source Host is not logged.
    • LDAP import now imports a user's First/Last Name if their Display Name attribute in Active Directory is blank.
    • Added more diagnostic logging to LDAP security group import to help troubleshoot errors.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-11-03)

    • Fixed issue where clicking the navigation menu in Overview Reports doesn't scroll to report section in Chrome.
    • Search term alerts no longer trigger on search terms containing "tbn:" (Google thumbnail IDs). Unfortunately, this change will not affect existing installs. Existing users will need to go to Settings | Alerts, and add a 'tbn:' to the Search Terms 'Does not contain' filter in the Search Term alerts.
    • Updated Site Clean Settings (Snapchat CDNs and adnxs junk URLs).
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-10-03)

    • Reports now remove browser polls to the facebook chat service that occur when the browser is minimised.
    • Domain extraction from URLs now uses the public suffix list from to resolve issues extracting domains for some ngTLDs, SLDs under ccTLDs, and reversed ccTLDs. 
    • The default placeholder filter is now removed when using the 'Load Filter' option. 
    • Duplicate import sources can no longer be added.
    • The Start/Welcome page now redirects to the Dashboard page if at least one source has been added.
    • Fixed "AJAX error 0" issue that may display occasionally on certain pages of the application 
    • A modal dialog is now shown in the UI if the backend service is not responding, telling the user to try refreshing or ensure the Fastvue Reporter service is running.
    • Updated default Junk URLs and Domain Substitutes. 
    • Fixed error when attempting to remove license keys in Settings | Licensing.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-08-04)

    • Fixed issue that may cause the import engine to lock up and stop importing data.
    • Updated default keywords for Extremist Searches alert.
    • Updated Site Clean Settings.
    • Any errors when saving alerts and productivity settings are now displayed correctly.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-07-21)

    • Added new default alerts for Extremist Searches, Extremist Websites, Self Harm Searches, and Adult and Profanity Searches.
    • The Search Terms field now includes LinkedIn searches and any other site that uses the 'keywords' query parameter in the URL.
    • Data import now continues when your installed license key(s) have expired (reports and alerts will no longer function).
    • Fixed timestamp formatting in the Search Terms section of User Overview Reports.
    • Fixed issue where the Web UI may not display when accessed by a machine with unknown or invalid regional settings. 
    • Device Count in Settings | Licensing | User Statistics only counts source IP addresses that are considered internal or link-local by IANA (RFC 1918, 3927, 4193, 4291, 6890).
    • Fixed licensing / registration issues.
    • Data produced when running in demo mode now illustrates the site clean feature.
    • Dashboard buttons now highlight when going directly to a dashboard page via a # link (e.g. /dashboard.aspx#productivity)
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-06-13)

    • Added 'User Login Name' field to show the raw username (without Active Directory display name) so that you can add this as a column to your alert evidence table.
    • Added more diagnostic tracing to the import process when in Verbose logging mode.
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-05-29)

    • No change in Fastvue Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (fixes for Fastvue Reporter fo Barracuda caused a Fastvue Reporter platform version number increment)
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-05-19)

    • Fixed issues with alerts that use Browsing Time or Session Time in their criteria from incorrectly triggering.
    • The detection of 'No syslog data received' now occurs per source. Syslog traffic from multiple IPs would prevent the detection of interruption unless all devices stopped sending syslog traffic at the same time.
    • Email alerts can now be sent when an interruption in syslog traffic is detected. This email is disabled by default, and can be enabled by hitting this URL: http://your_fastvue_url/_/api?f=Settings.General.SetAlertNoSyslogTraffic&enabled=true (replace your_fastvue_url with your actual Fastvue Reporter URL). Emails will be sent to the 'System Notifications' email address specified in Settings | Email
  • Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2017-04-13)

    • If the URL scheme (http://, https://, ftp://) is not present in a URL, Fastvue Reporter will create it based on numeric protocols (21->ftp, 80->http, 443->https), otherwise it defaults to 'http'. Fixes issues where blank Domains appeared in reports, where the URL had no scheme and used a non-standard port (e.g.
    • Report Filter and Schedule buttons now have full labels instead of just an icon.
    • Chart tooltip no longer gets clipped when positioned at the bottom of a chart.

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