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Monitoring Multiple Sophos Web Appliances

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2015 07:42PM PST
You can easily monitor multiple Sophos Web Appliance's using Fastvue Sophos Reporter.

Simply add each one as a source in Settings | Sources. You can then report across all Web Appliances via the Dashboard, Reports and Alerts features. 

If you would like to report or create an alert for single Web Appliance, such as a customer's site or branch office, you can apply a filter to your reports and alerts using either the WSA Name or WSA IP fields.

Filter by Sophos Web Appliance Name or IP

You can easily schedule these reports by clicking the Schedule Report button (next to Run Report) after specifying the filter, and send the scheduled reports to the appropriate people.

To lock down access to just the reports that have been shared, please see our article on setting up Private Report Sharing.


If you would like to deploy Fastvue Reporter for multiple customers using Sophos Web Appliance, please see our article on Deployment for Managed Service Providers.

Sophos Management Appliances

If you have two or more Sophos Web Appliances joined together using a Sophos Management Appliance for configuration, you will still need to add each individual Sophos Web Appliance as a source in Settings | Sources. This is because each Web Appliance is handling traffic and you need to monitor both to get the full story.

You do not need to add the Sophos Management Appliance as a source. The individual Web Appliances do not forward traffic data to the Sophos Management Appliance, so there is no point monitoring it using Fastvue Reporter.

Use the Sophos Management Appliance to configure the syslog settings for all Sophos Web Appliances to point to the Fastvue Reporter Server. Fastvue Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance has a syslog forwarding option if you were already sending your syslog messages to a different server.



When purchasing Fastvue Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance, ensure you tell us how many Web Appliances you intend to monitor. Although the number of Web Appliances does not directly affect the pricing, we still need to issue a license key for each Web Appliance you intend to add in Settings | Sources.

Issues or Questions?

If you are having issues monitoring multiple Web Appliances, please go through the checklist for each one, or contact Fastvue Support.

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