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Deployment for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2015 12:06AM PST
If you are a Managed Service Provider that has multiple customers using Sophos Web Appliances, you may be wondering how best to deploy Fastvue Reporter so that you can offer easy, sensible web reporting to your customers.

Ideal Deployment for Multiple Customers

Fastvue Reporter is not multi-tenanted out of the box. By default it imports all data from the Sophos Web Appliance sources configured in Settings | Sources into its own single data store. You can filter Reports and Alerts by Web Appliance Name or IP, Subnets, Active Directory objects, and more, however the Live Dashboard cannot be filtered at this time.

Therefore to offer Fastvue Reporter's full functionality (including the Live Dashboard) to each of your customers, the ideal deployment is to install one Fastvue Reporter server per customer.

Sharing Fastvue Reporter Installations Amongst Customers

Sharing a single Fastvue Reporter installation amongst your customers is possible but you will likely want to prevent access to the Live Dashboard that presents all data, and simply provide automated reports and alerts filtered by the appropriate Sophos Web Appliance.

This can be done by setting up Private Report Sharing and scheduling private reports filtered by the appropriate values (e.g. Web Appliance Name or Web Filter IP). Watch our video on how to setup Private Report Sharing here.

You can also filter Alerts the same way in Settings | Alerts, and enter the appropriate email recipients.

Multiple Domains

Fastvue Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance integrates with multiple domains by adding them in Settings | Directory / LDAP.

You can then schedule and email Reports and Alerts filtered by Active Directory attributes such as Company, Departments, Security Groups, Offices, and of course Users.

It is likely that two or more of your customers may use similar Department names such as 'Marketing', so when filtering and scheduling your reports or alerts, make sure you also use filters for 'Company' and/or Source IP 'In Subnet' (for example).

Planned Features

​Fastvue does plan to make it much easier for MSPs to use Fastvue Reporter for their multiple customers.

This is part of a larger feature that will offer full multi-tenanted architecture and role based reporting. Make sure you're on our mailing list to receive updates about new features!



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